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Meet Cuchillería JOKER

Joker Sporting Knives we are craftsmen, manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Sporting Cutlery.

We produce a wide selection of fixed blade knives such as hunting knives,bowie knives, sporting knives, tactical knives, rescue knives, hand carved knives,off knives, classic knives, hunter axes,viking knives, arabic knives, and of course folding knives, pocket knives and sporting cutlery in general.

In our catalog of products you can find sports knives of all kinds such as bushcraft knives, survival knives, hunting knives or mountain knives among others. As far as sporting folding knives are concerned, as with knives, we have bushcraft folding knives, survival folding knives, hunting folding knives, in short, mountain folding knives for any need.

Joker Sporting Knives

The Joker Brand of knives is a world-renowned Spanish company from the town of Albacete. 

Stemming from an area well known for good craftsmen and master cutlers, Joker meticulously fabricates each knife by hand.

Since its foundation in 1987, Joker Knives has always sought to join traditional hand-craftmanship and the most modern technologies into every one of its products.

Joker blades are hardened to a point that is easy to sharpen but still maintain a good edge after extended use.

Joker continues the proud traditions of Spain's cutlery makers with some of the finest edged tools available, as well as, having one of the largest ranges of edge cutlery on the planet.

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